Pick up for these orders will be Thursday April 22 from 2pm to 6pm at Olde Towne Creek County Park.

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While we encourage online orders, if you are having difficulties please call us at 843.579.9922 and we will get you the plants you need!


1. Click on the photo of the plant that you are interested in purchasing which will take you to an order page just for that plant. 

2. Select the numerical amount of the plant you would like to order in the grey box.

3. Click ‘Add to cart’

4. If you wish to continue ordering other plants, click the Category: PLANT SALE link directly below the ‘Add to cart’ button. It will return you to the full plant list page. You will need to do this for each purchase until you are finished.

5. Once you have chosen your last plant order, select the ‘VIEW CART’ button at the top of the screen. Here you can review your orders and make any changes. 

6. Once you have reviewed your order and finished *, click the Proceed to checkout button at the bottom of the page. Follow all of the check out steps to complete your order. 

*if you decide you want to delete a plant from your order, click on the pink x on the far left hand side of the screen. 

Pick up for these orders will be Thursday April 22 from 2pm to 6pm at Olde Towne Creek County Park at 1400 Old Towne Road in West Ashley.   There will be NO on-site sales, this will be a drive through pick up for orders placed through the online plant sale only.

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Japanese Painted Fern, 1 gallon, $12

Cinnamon Fern – 1 gallon, $12

Holly Fern, 1 gallon, $12

Southern Shield Fern, 1 gallon, $12

Autumn Fern, 1 gallon, $12

Ostrich Fern, 1 gallon, $12

MADE IN THE SHADE (Choices for your shady spots.)

Bear’s Breech – SOLD OUT

Farfugium Giganteum, SOLD OUT

Kerria Golden Guinea SOLD OUT

Carex Everillo, 1 gallon, $15

Farfugium Shishi Botan, 1 gallon, $18

Bletilla, Kate SOLD OUT

Carex Sparkler, 2 gallon, $22

Fatsia Murakomo Nishiki, 3 gallon, $48

Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Snow Queen, 1 gallon, $15

Farfugium, varigated – 2 gallon, $35

Fatsia, Variegated, 2 gallon, $28

Hydrangea, Nikko Blue, 1 gallon, $15

SUN WORSHIPPERS (Plants for your sunny spots.)

Moonshine Yarrow, 1 gallon, $12

Dwarf Blue Plumbago – 1 gallon, $13

Siberian Iris, Silver Edge, 1 gallon, $15

Bee Balm, Jacob Kline, SOLD OUT

Chinese Foxglove, 1 gallon, $12

Hot Lips Salvia – 1 gallon, $11

Stokesia, Peachie’s Pick, 1 gallon, $12

Whorled Sunflower, 3 gallon, $25

Bright Pink Yarrow, 1 gallon $12

Giant Cigar Plant – 2 gallon, $18

Lavender, Phenomenal, 1 gallon, $12

Bee Balm, Raspberry Wine, SOLD OUT

Brindabella Rose, Dawn, 3 gallon, $30

Salvia, San Carlos, 1 gallon, $11

Leucanthemum, Real Snowball, 1 gallon, $14

Paprika Yarrow, 1 gallon, $12

Dianthus Firewitch, SOLD OUT

Sundrops, 1 gallon, $11

Brindabella Rose, First Lady, 3 gallon, $30

Indian Pinks, 1 gallon, $15

Leucanthemum, Real Dream, 1 gallon, $14

Moonbeam Coreopsis, SOLD OUT

Terracotta Yarrow, 1 gallon, $12

Siberian Iris Maranatha, 1 gallon, $15

Bee Balm, Claire Grace SOLD OUT

Passiflora Incense, 2 gallon, $27

Brindabella Rose, Touch of Pink, 3 gallon, $30

Native Poppy, SOLD OUT

Bush Pea, 2 gallon, $28

PEOPLE PLEASERS (Plants that tolerate sun or shade.)

Agapanthus “Storm Cloud”, 2 gallon, $25

Blue Cardinal Flower, 1 gallon, $14

Variegated Solomon’s Seal, SOLD OUT

Black Truffle Cardinal Flower, 1 gallon, $14

Giant Lambs Ear, 1 gallon, $12

Johnson’s Blue Geranium, 1 gallon, $14

Cardinal Flower – SOLD OUT

TROPICALS (Coming April 13th we will offer any tropical plants remaining after our Luau & Plant Sale Party on April 11th.   We have limited quantities of these plants and if you want first dibs, check out our Tropical Luau & Plant Sale Party HERE)