Vaccinium Blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’


3 gallon

Self fertile Southern Highbush low chill (150 hours) blueberry growing to around 4′ tall and wide over time. Heavy production of very flavorful medium blue berries ranges from June through September! Even though it does not need a pollinator, the crop is heavier and the berries larger where other varieties are present. We recommend ‘Sunshine Blue’ or ‘Summer Sunset’ as excellent companion blueberries. Great in the ground or in containers. “Sunshine Blue” is mostly evergreen where winters are mild. Plant in full sun to partial sun. Give good drainage and average water. Do not dry out during fruiting season. Plant using peat moss or other acidic planting medium when setting out into the garden. Fall color turns a brilliant red and orange in zones 5-8. USDA zones 5-10 in cold hardiness.

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