Tibochina urvilleana


4″ pot

Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-11. In Zones 8, plants will typically die to the ground in winter, but will often grow back from the roots in spring. This shrub is best grown in moist, acidic, organically rich, fertile, well-drained soils in full sun. Prefers some afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Shelter plants from strong winds. Apply mulch to keep roots cool. Plants will spread in garden areas by suckers. Lightly prune plants after flowering to control unwanted legginess and spread.

Tibouchina urvilleana, commonly called princess flower or glory bush, is a large, dense, rounded-but-sprawling, tropical shrub that typically grows to 6-8′ tall, but may reach 15′ in optimum growing conditions. It can be trained as a small tree. It can also be trained as a vine for growing on an arbor or trellis. It is native to rainforests of Brazil. It thrives in southern Florida and along the California coast. It is now considered to be a noxious weed in Hawaii where it has escaped gardens and naturalized. Reddish, pubescent, somewhat brittle, square branches are clad with serrulate, downy, ovate to ovate-oblong (2-4″ long) evergreen leaves, each having 3-7 prominent longitudinal veins. Rose-purple flowers (to 3-4″ diameter) with purple stamens bloom singly or in clusters in summer. In tropical areas, it will bloom sporadically throughout the year. Full bloom is often spectacular. Fruit is a 5-valved capsule.

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