Spiderweb Fatsia (Fatsia jap. Spiderweb) – 3 gallon


This Japanese selection of the popular, deep shade-loving southern landscape shrub, Fatsia japonica, is prized by the few folks who have had the rare opportunity to own one. The shiny green palmate leaves, like a super-sized schefflera, are each bordered with a heavy white speckling that often finds its way into the center of the leaf. Fatsia ‘Spider’s Web’ was named by Japanese variegated plant experts, the late Dr. Yokoi and Mr. Hirose, as a selection from an old Japanese seed strain, Fatsia ‘Tsumugi Shibori’ (tie-dyed cloth). It takes about three years for it to show the wonderful mature characteristics, so be patient. For those who garden in the arctic zones north of Zone 7, Fatsia ‘Spider’s Web’ makes a superb houseplant. Zone 7b-10b, Part sun to shade, evergreen.

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