Hibiscus coccineus, Red Swamp Hibiscus


1 gallon

Giant 6″ scarlet pinwheels are produced throughout summer and often well into fall on sturdy stems with finely cut darkly tinged foliage. The Red Texas Star or Scarlet Swamp Mallow is a vigorous sun loving perennial which is native to the swampy soils of the southeastern US but is somewhat drought resistant once well-established in the garden. The brilliant red flowers attract a variety of pollinators including hummingbirds, bees, and the occasional butterfly.
The huge flowers and clump forming habit make them excellent for adding bold summer color to the perennial garden and landscape. You can also use them as the center piece for large container gardens, in bog gardens, at the edges of ponds, or in any other sunny and consistently moist site.
Like other Hardy Hibiscus, the Scarlet Rose Mallows are slow to emerge in spring and wait for the signal of warmer soil temperatures before they begin to show themselves often leading the impatient gardener (myself included) to think that they are ready for composting.

These durable and hardy Hibiscus are clump forming, slowly developing larger and larger root masses from which more and more flowering stems can emerge each year. Remember, these are Hibiscus and so will enjoy a fertile soil as well as ample moisture during the growing season for the best flowering and growth. Otherwise the only maintenance that these perennials generally require is to remove the dead stems at the end of the year.

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