Tradescantia pallida, Purple Queen


1 gallon

This genus contains a number of widely grown perennials but also a tender species, Tradescantia pallida; our selection is called ‘Purple Queen.’ Its primary virtues are handsome foliage and an eagerness to colonize its immediate neighborhood by sending out leafy stems that root where they touch ground, quickly forming a lush mat. The plant offers blade-shaped leaves in a standout shade of gleaming deep purple that meander around companions in containers, garden beds, and window boxes, adding eye-catching contrast. Small, tri-colored pink blooms come and go quickly throughout the summer, but you’ll want this superb mixer for its distinctive foliage form and color. Try Coleus, Strobilanthes (Persian Shield), Artemisia, or Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) to start. Full sun gets the most growth and the best color.  Zone 7-10, the juice from the leaves or stems may cause skin redness and irritation in some people and dogs, but this is not a common problem.

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