Muhlenbergia Capillari, Sweet Grass Muhly Grass


1 gallon

Muhlenbergia capillaris, commonly called pink muhlygrass or pink hair grass, is a clump-perennial grass that is noted for its attractive summer foliage and spectacular clouds of fall flowers. It is native to prairies, pine barrens, and open woodlands from Massachusetts to Kansas south to Florida and Texas. Glossy, wiry, thread-like, dark green leaves and stems form an attractive basal clump to 2’ tall. It is the fall flowering, however, that most distinguishes this grass. Masses of airy, open, loosely branched inflorescences (each to 12” long) in pink to pinkish-red float above the foliage in a lengthy fall bloom. Tan seed plumes remain attractive in winter. Plants typically grow to 3’ tall x 3’ wide when in flower. Zone 5-9, Water Dry to medium, low maintenance, Full sun to part shade, bloom time September to November.

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