The History & Art of Indigo with Heather Powers

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Join textile artist Heather K. Powers as she leads a talk with a focus on the history and art of indigo.  Attendees will learn about the history of indigo plants and dye in South Carolina, and the different types of indigo plants and vats used around the world and throughout history. She will briefly share the basic chemistry of organic indigo vats, and how they were used historically. She will also share a variety of woven and shibori dyed textiles and images of indigo dyeing from her collection and workshops.

About Heather Powers

Heather K. Powers is a maker, teacher, organizing professional, writer-researcher, and design consultant with expertise in a wide range of textile processes. Heather cultivates a sustainable and interdisciplinary approach to projects that often overlap disciplines and nourish a sense of both belonging and giving back. Placing my hands on the earth while tending my garden feels like one of the most urgent things in my life. This way of both belonging to the earth and  cultivating plants that will nourish me and my community seems to hint at what might be missing in many people’s lives. Falling into this time and space for nourishment feels critical to humanity. Shortly after moving to SC, she began working with indigo and learning about the cultural and historic relevance of this dye plant to our country and the world.

During her research in the MA, Critical Craft studies program (2021), she continued her investigation of how craftspeople, their practices, material, and visual culture are represented. What kind of space do we need to nourish our creative flow? This is one of the questions that her research explores. She serves on the board of the International Center for Indigo Culture, a nonprofit promoting the art, science, and history of natural Indigo.

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