Going Native with Jeff Jackson 08/20/2020; 10am-11:30am



Native plants are those that occur naturally in an area. Native species have evolved over time with the biological and physical factors specific to their region such as soil, climate, and rainfall. Because native plants are adapted to local soils and climate conditions, they generally require less watering and fertilizing than non-natives do. Natives are often more resistant to insects and disease as well, and so are less likely to need pesticides. This is good news for both the environment and the gardener. Best of all, local and migratory wildlife is adapted to using native plant species for food, cover, and rearing young. Wildlife species evolve with plants; therefore, they use native plant communities as their habitat. Using native plants in the landscape helps preserve the balance and beauty of natural ecosystems.

Jeff will be discussing several of his favorite South Carolina Lowcountry native plants, why they are important, and how they can (or CAN’T) be used in our gardens.  Join in this lively discussion, and have your native plant questions ready!

Jeff Jackson is lifelong horticulturist and SC Native Plant Society state board member.

Class will be held via Zoom on Thursday, August 20th, 10am-11:30am.   Cost is $15 for CHS Hort members and $20 for non-members. (Not a member?  Click HERE to join and receive your class discount!)

Class includes an hour of instruction time with 30 minutes for Q & A.   Participants will receive a full recording of the class via email for future reference.

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