Dichroa febrifuga, Evergreen Hydrangea


3 gallon

This isn’t a true hydrangea, but it’s an extremely close cousin and a stand-in for hydrangeas that are evergreen. In fact, you may think it’s a regular hydrangea until it doesn’t drop its leaves when winter comes. The flowers, which arrive in early summer, tend to be bright blue to lavender in acidic soil and lilac to mauve in alkaline conditions. Native to the Himalayas, Chinese quinine is also known as blue evergreen. It is suitable for growing in USDA zones 8-10.

This plant is a CHS Hort Exclusive!   Grown from cuttings from Neltie Linker’s incredible garden in Charleston, SC, we are thrilled to finally offer a this special plant to our members.  Inventory is extremely limited.   Now is the time to plant for spring!

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