Keep the Animals Out! – A Master Class with Brie Arthur



Mammal browse is one of the biggest challenges that gardeners face…and we all have critters that we are sharing our gardens with, including deer, rabbits, groundhogs, even cats and dogs! The reality is, our gardens are delicious- they are fertilized, irrigated and full of tasty exotic plants, so of course the local wildlife will take delight in eating our hard work. In this fun webinar, author and horticulturist Brie Arthur, will explain her approach to dealing with unwanted animals. She will cover it all, including a few things that you should NOT do! From the best repellents and inexpensive fencing solutions to using a few favorite veggies to help deter problem animals, attendees will learn easy-to-apply strategies.

Brie Arthur is widely recognized as one of the charismatic young leaders who are helping shape the future of the green industry and home gardening.  Brie is an acclaimed bestselling author of two books (The Foodscape Revolution and Gardening with Grains) and speaker.  Brie studied Landscape Design and Horticulture at Purdue University and has worked as a propagator and grower at leading nurseries such as Plant Delights.  In 2017 she was awarded the first “Emerging Professional” distinction by the American Horticultural Society for her efforts in connecting a new generation to the art of growing. She was named in the class of 2016’s “40 Under 40” by Greenhouse Product News and is the founder of Emergent: A Group for Growing Professionals. She has appeared as a correspondent on the PBS television show Growing a Greener World and shares real-life gardening advice through her YouTube channel, Brie The Plant Lady. 

Learn more about Brie by visiting her website HERE.

Cost is $15 for this pre-recorded class.   Once you order, you will receive a link to a private YouTube video to access at your convenience.

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