Selaginella braunii, Arborvitae Fern


2 gallon

Selaginella braunii isn’t a fern or an arborvitae, but instead is a member of an obscure plant gang known as the spikemosses. Named after 19th century German botanist/pteridologist Alexander Braun, the dark green, lacy, semi-evergreen fronds of Braun’s arborvitae fern rise to 18″ tall from a slowly creeping rhizome. In 3 years you could expect a 2′ wide groundcover mass. The easy-to-grow, deer-resistant Selaginella braunii is a textural garden highlight alongside bolder foliage like hosta, Solomon’s seal, and ajuga.  Zone 6a-9b , part sun to shade. Needs water till established.  Height 18 in height.  Evergreen.

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