Amante Salvia


1 gallon

Large 2″ long bright fuchsia colored tubular flowers emerge from darkly contrasting black calyxes which adorn the black flower spikes of this exciting new cousin of the deservingly popular Amistad Salvia. Amante Salvia or Sage is considered to be a “genetic breakthrough” in the color of the Salvia guaranitica group and this exciting new color offers a bright and bold addition to the pollinator garden, the landscape, and for medium to large containers as a specimen or in combination with filler and spillers. The breeders state that this new 2019 perennial Salvia has the same form and habit and exceptional flower power as Amistad!  We expect the same reliable cold hardiness as Amistad Salvia, zone 8B at least. It was developed by the same breeder who produced Amistad via the Breeding Program conducted by Rolando Uría of Argentina.  Zone 8-11, Sun to part sun.   Salvias are considered the #1 plant for Hummingbirds with their tubular flowers designed for pollination by these amazing flyers. If your Salvia or Sage starts to look unkempt in mid to late summer, consider giving it a light shearing or remove the spent flowering spikes to help promote new growth and flower production. An application of fertilizer at this time may also be beneficial in spurring flower production.

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