Mobile Gardeners

Mobile Gardeners

CHS’s Adaptive Horticultural Education Program for exceptional young adults and children with special needs.

Media:  Mobile Gardeners helps children with disabilities cultivate life skills through gardening

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Mobile Gardeners is made possible with support from:

  • The Mark Elliot Motley Foundation
  • Charleston Horticultural Society
  • Church Creek Nursery



Program Director: Catherine McGuinn

The Mobile Gardeners adaptive horticulture program was founded in 2011 and designed to offer opportunities to learn and experience the rewarding qualities of all aspects of gardening for special needs children and young adults. From classroom workshops in the City of Charleston’s Hampton Park greenhouse and the CHS Education Center to on-hand experience at Church Creek Nursery and volunteering in Brittlebank Park, this experimental and acclaimed program provides valuable socialization, recreational and horticultural skills that can be adapted and made accessible in the home or in a recreational environment.

P.A.C.E. program at Pattison Academy
IMG_20130419_094735Most recently our program has been extended into the P.A.C.E. program in classrooms of Pattison’s Academy for Comprehensive Education, a Charleston County magnet school for children with profound special needs. Students in this program plant and harvest from their outdoor garden and sell their harvest of herbs and flowers at their school based farmers market to teachers, family, friends, and neighbors.


Mobile Gardeners at Wando High School

MG WANDO 1The newest branch of our growing program brings adaptive horticultural program to Wando High School. Our Mobile Gardener activities there will reinforce students’ classroom fine motor skills, mobility and dexterity, and plant the seeds for the Wando Horticultural Program’s greenhouse and garden.  In the spring the Mobile Gardeners at Wando will join forces with the Mobile Gardeners at PACE as we prepare for Plantasia, selling their product of line of seed paper and potting soil.

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