Legendary Charleston gardener Lucile MacLennan to be honored at Plantasia Eve

In recognition of her lifetime commitment to botanical pursuits in Charleston and throughout the Lowcountry, CHS Hort member and friend Lucile MacLennan, who is 98, has been selected as the Guest of Honor at this year’s Plantasia Eve Preview Party on April 12. 

Growing up in not one, but three, gardens – Lucile was inspired by her parents and both sets of her grandparents in Hartwell, GA. She learned early on the importance of horticulture and community by watching her grandparents find and swap plants with other gardeners. And she came to appreciate the medicinal values of plants, she also learned from her father, who was a physician. Lucille went on to study botany in college and moved to Charleston in the late 1950s. An early student of Charleston gardener Elizabeth Horlbeck, she spent every week for 10 years scouting, collecting and identifying plants throughout the Lowcountry.

She also has traveled extensively to a wide variety of gardens in England, Italy, New England and throughout the South and worked personally with Loutrel Briggs to develop her oft-visited garden in The Crescent. A native plants expert, she filled her garden with native plantings and frequently provides gracious hospitality to horticultural experts who come to Charleston to learn and to teach.

Lucile is a nearly 50-year, dedicated member of The Garden Club of Charleston, a long time member of Charleston Horticultural Society, and one of the first recipients of the CHS esteemed 1830 Award. 

Lucile is beloved in the garden community. As she heads toward age 100, she attributes her longevity and strength to two things: “God and gardening.” Her volunteer leadership and passion for gardening are legendary, and she continues to inspire gardeners, young and old.

Contributions in honor of Lucile at Plantasia Eve may be made in the amounts of $50, $100 and $250+ (this top level includes two complimentary tickets to Plantasia Eve on April 12th).

All contributors will be recognized on the CHS website and on a display at Plantasia Eve. And Lucile will be personally notified of all individual donations.

You can make a contribution in honor of Lucile online HERE or send a check to:

Charleston Horticultural Society
46 Windermere Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29407

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