Digging Deeper


Many CHS Hort members who completed our highly respected and popular Docent Course, now in its 16th year, have requested a Part II,  continuing education, or graduate type of follow up course. You spoke and we listened!

We are now excited to introduce a second level course called Digging Deeper. This course will meet four times over the course of March 2020 on every Wednesday afternoon with a couple of add-on events throughout the course’s run. The program will be taught by our Docent Course instructors Susan Epstein and Beverly Rivers. 

See below for the entire course schedule, cost and other information specific to registration. Membership  with CHS Hort is required. 
Course is limited to 20 participants. 

All classes 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Locations vary as listed below

Wednesday March 4th
Topic: Pest/Diseases/Weeds
Location: CHS Hort Education Center
Learn identification and prevention steps along with organic solutions as the first line of defense and attack, certain chemicals as a last resort and how to reduce or eliminate cultural conditions that promote such problems.

Wednesday March 11th
Topic: Pruning
Location: Site-specific garden TBA
Learn the purposes of pruning along with a primer on where and when to cut, how to cut relative to plant species and the final product. Discover the best tools and when and what to use with a demonstration in a garden setting on various plant species.

Wednesday March 18th
Topic: Propagation
Location: TBA
Learn how to multiply a wide variety of plants and which methods prove most efficient for which plants. Class will cover seed starting, stem and leaf cuttings, air layering, grafting and division. 

Wednesday March 25th
Topic: Designing with Purpose
Location: TBA
 The focus of this class will be on the most current recommendations for creating gardens that support wildlife, reduce maintenance, and promote planet sensitive solutions to our past mistakes.


Friday March 6th – A group visit with a guided tour of Brookgreen Garden (this will be an optional add-on event) 

Friday March 27th – Optional visit to attendees’ gardens to assess, suggest and collaborate 

Must be a CHS Hort Member to participate 
Docent Course graduate or Master Gardener experience preferred but not required 

$225 for CHS Hort Members  //  $275 for non-members (includes $50 CHS Hort membership in cost) 
Includes all four classes and March 27th add-on

Register online HERE or call the CHS Hort office at 843.579.9922