Class maximum 15 attendees

Many CHS Hort members who completed our highly respected and popular Docent Course, now in its 17th year, have requested a Part II,  continuing education, or graduate type of follow up course. For the second year now we are pleased to offer our advanced educational course Digging Deeper. This course will meet four times in the month of March 2021 on every Tuesday afternoon with an add-on event throughout the course’s run. The program will be taught by our Docent Course instructors Susan Epstein and Beverly Rivers.

The mission of the Digging Deeper course is to discuss current gardening initiatives and bring awareness to the gardening mandates that are asking us to rethink previous truths about the way we garden.  Our ‘backyards’ are the first line of defense in creating an environment that is supportive of the planet.   

We will dig into historical agricultural practices and man’s relationship to the soil.  Our purpose is to reveal the intricate biological and dynamic life beneath our feet. We will transition into the current science of today’s best practices of garden management to include a new appreciation for pests and their essential connection to plants.  A single session will focus on proper pruning methods as a primary disease control, and will include demonstrations. We will conclude this study with a review of basic design principles and how we can incorporate this new perspective by suggesting a hybrid model with the use of more native plants.  

The course includes one optional day long instructional garden trip to enhance our study as well. 

See below for course schedule, cost and other information specific to registration. 

All classes 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: The home of Susan Epstein

Tuesday March 9th
Tuesday March 16th
Tuesday March 23rd
Tuesday March 30th

As part of the course we will offer an optional day trip to Moore Farms Botanical Gardens on Thursday March 18th for an additional fee for lunch and admission.

Must be a CHS Hort Member to participate
Docent Course graduate or Master Gardener experience preferred but not required

$225 for CHS Hort Members  //  $275 for non-members (includes $50 CHS Hort membership in cost)
Includes all four classes