CHS DayTrippers

What is the DayTrippers program?

Following the occasional trip to a local garden or other destination, we at CHS noticed the growing demand for a more structured and regular program. One that offered our members and guests an opportunity to visit some of our state’s most celebrated and in-demand garden destinations, but with a stronger group travel dynamic.

Following the lead of desired destinations feedback from our spring 2017 member survey, we built a new local travel program reborn as The DayTrippers, a one or two day all inclusive trip event geared toward exciting and educational garden enrichment for CHS members. We will be announcing other Day Trippers events throughout the year with trips created from the suggestions given by our own membership.

Day Trippers Event: Moore Farms Botanical Gardens
Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, we have postponed this DayTrippers tour until March 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience but encourage you to stay tuned for the new date soon!