CHS Board and Officers



Ann Calhoun, President
Sis I. Marshall, Immediate Past President
Ann Cotton, Vice President
Paul Langston, Treasurer
Sally West, Secretary
Phyllis Ewing
Susan Lyons
John A. Tarkany


Nancy Abercrombie
Walker Brock
Caroline Burns
Mimi Cathcart
Sallie Duell
Joan (Joni) H Hazelton
Paul McManus
Beverly Rivers

Past Presidents

Irven M. Stevenson
Sallie M. Duell
Edward E. Crawford
Anne F. Smith
Sheila Wertimer
Mary Hull Frazier
Sis I. Marshall

The Charleston Horticultural Society

Contact us at (843) 579-9922 or

The Charleston Horticultural Society (CHS), founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization with membership open to all. The Society offers a wide array of horticultural information and involvement to its more than 1,300 individual and business members through lectures, educational workshops, garden tours, special events, and publications.