1830 Award

1830 Award

The CHS Hort 1830 Award is presented on special annual occasions to honor exemplary horticultural service and creative vision in the Lowcountry. The award medallion was designed by a former board member, Karl Beckwith Smith (b.1950), founding board member of CHS, in 2004 with the assistance of graphic designer Andrea Halseley. It is cast in silver. Nominations are due to the CHS office by November 1 of the calendar year. The nomination application is BELOW.

1830 Award Winners
2015: Mayo Read
2013: Sheila Wertimer
2012: Linda Guy
2011: Danny Burbage
2010: Lucile MacLennen
2009: Patti McGeen
2008: Jim Martin
2007: Jan MacDougal
2006: Richard D. Porcher
2005: Ruth Knopf

Nomination Application: 1830 Award

“ The Charleston Horticultural Society will present the 1830 Award to those individuals or entities whose
commitment to botanical pursuits has enriched the greater Charleston horticultural community.
The 1830 Award may be given annually on Founders Day in recognition of our distinguished predecessor,
The Horticultural Society of Charleston which was established in 1830.”

The 1830 Award honors exemplary service and creative vision in the field of horticulture.

I. A candidate for the 1830 Award may be submitted by any member of the Charleston Horticultural Society. It is not, however, required that the person(s) proposed be a member of CHS.

II. Members of the 1830 Award Committee and current members of the Charleston Horticultural Society Board can make a proposal but cannot be proposed.

III. The 1830 Committee is appointed by the CHS Board and will include qualified specialists from within and outside of the CHS membership community. The committee will review the proposals and determine finalists.

IV. The 1830 Award Recipient will be chosen by majority vote by the Board of CHS from the list of finalists.

Consideration may include (but is not limited to):
· Achievement in garden design
· Service to conservation
· Preservation of landscapes
· Environmental protection
· Horticultural Research
· Botany
· Education
· Restoration of park space or gardens of historic value
· Leadership in community improvement as it relates to the aimsand endeavors of CHS

Members of CHS should follow the procedures herewith when proposing a candidate for the 1830 Award.

1. The CHS member will send a letter of nomination to the 1830 Award Committee (CHS, 46 Windermere Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407). Included in the letter will be:
a) The full name and address of the candidate:
b) A summary of the candidate’s accomplishments
c) Names, addresses and phone numbers of three references. These references should be persons able to speak with some authority about the candidate’s record of accomplishments.
d) A limited amount of extra material which will be helpful to the Award Committee in its deliberations, such as books written by the candidate, drawings, photographs or articles concerning the candidate may be submitted. Videotapes are not encouraged but, if deemed essential to the portfolio, should be limited to five minutes.

2. All information should be submitted together by the proposer and sent to the CHS office. The proposer should keep a copy.

3. The packet should be sent as early as possible; the deadline is November 1st.

4. The 1830 Committee will meet in early November to review the portfolios of the proposed candidates and select finalists whose names will be presented to the CHS Board at the November Board meeting in order that the CHS Board can make the final selection of the1830 Award winner.

Responsibilities of Proposers
1. A candidate’s proposal for the award will be treated with discretion on the part of the Board and the 1830 Committee. Likewise, we value discretion on the part of each proposer.

2. The CHS Board will notify the proposer in December about the chosen medalist. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure that the winner is present at the Founders Day award ceremony (the scond Monday evening in January). The 1830 Committee will notify proposers whose candidates were not selected.

3. It is the responsibility of the proposer to inform the three references of the CHS Board’s decision, understanding that it will be possible to resubmit their proposal another year. To resubmit a portfolio, a new letter must be sent. Additional letters may be added to resubmitted portfolios.

4. The Charleston Horticultural Society’s 1830 Award will consist of a silver medal and a certificate.

Our sincere thanks to those who help us by participating,
The 1830 Committee

The Charleston Horticultural Society recognizes exemplary horticultural service and creative vision in the Lowcountry through the 1830 Award. We also recognize dedicated volunteers who provide extraordinary level of volunteer support and a commitment to the mission of CHS with the Frances E. and Peter B. Read Award.