Joan Berry-Warder.  I am a gardener. Why? There is dirt everywhere. What is it for but to grow things. It seems the most natural thing to do! Raised on a dairy farm, our family of nine spent our days growing food — for our animals and for ourselves.   But as I matured the city and its schools beckoned and I spent my days, while raising two wonderful kids, as a consultant to PA and VA colleges and universities in their efforts to serve adults wanting graduate business degrees. Besides education, high on my value list is books, through Friends of the Library, and historic preservation, through the Preservation Society.  And, because my soul seems to need it, I always find some dirt to grow things in… both to produce food, of course, and to create a greener, more beautiful world. I am a gardener and I look forward to participating in and promoting all that CHS Hort represents in Charleston.
Ann deSaussure was introduced to horticulture and gardening by the remarkable Mike Dirr who generously assisted the recovery of of Yeamans Hall following Hurricane Hugo. Soon thereafter Frances Parker and Mary Zahl allowed me to tag along with them on occasion as a very uninformed but enthusiastic apprentice. These introductions led to my joining others in the initial board of the Charleston Horticultural Society.   I look forward to once again being a part of this wonderful group.  
Jennifer Garr:  Although running her own brand consultancy for the past few years, Jennifer spent a majority of her career working for global marketing communications firms; leading brand strategy for some of the largest, most successful brands in the marketplace. After spending more time in Charleston than on the road, Jennifer joined the advisory board of the College of Charleston’s dynamic entrepreneurial IMPACT program and even added the role of adjunct professor to her list of commitments; (thus far) teaching three semesters of Brand Management in the marketing department of the school of business. Beyond her professional life, Jennifer’s philanthropic commitments have ranged from serving on the boards for the Chicago Junior League, The Northwestern Hospital Auxiliary, and the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scouts. A native of Kentucky and graduate of the University of Kentucky, in 2018, she was inducted into the UK College of Arts & Sciences Alumni Hall of Fame. Although she has worked all over the world, she is enjoying running her own consultancy, (finally) spending quality time with her husband Steve, and enjoying every minute of living in a USDA hardiness zone above 7!
Louise Goodwin’s past professional experience includes planning and managing large conventions, conferences, Board Meetings and executive retreats, as well as hotel sales and marketing.  This was done before she had two children while living in Washington D.C.  Soon after having her second son, her family moved to Charleston where she soon fell in love with everything gardening.  With both boys in school, Louise returned to school herself where she continues to earn her Associates Horticulture degree.  In 2019, Louise worked at Church Creek Nursery, where they grew annual and perennial color for Charleston.  Currently, Louise is working part time at Carolina Landscape installing and maintaining window boxes for clients downtown, Sullivan’s Island, Mt. Pleasant and James Island. 
Sarah Kellerman has been a member of CHS Hort about as long as I’ve been living in Charleston – going on 11 years now. I came here by way of Southern California where the gardening was almost easy. The James Island sandy soil demanded that I know more as a gardener.  Being a member of CHS Hort with the classes, the lectures, and the knowledge and experience of our members made the learning curve less steep and a lot more fun. As an Agile Business Strategist and Consultant I work with companies, teams, and individuals who are looking to be able to respond to the market changes with ease and creativity. Being a gardener is quite similar, we must listen without ego and pivot when our plants, soil, and weather give us input.
J.R. Kramer was raised in rural north east Ohio where the rolling meadows and woods, cultivated fields, and industrialized urban areas have influenced his understanding and appreciation of the natural and built environments. After leaving Ohio in 1992, he served his country in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Charleston, SC where he fell in love with the gardens of the Lowcountry and realized his calling to Landscape Architecture. After completing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia, J.R. moved back to Charleston. Along with his wife and partner, J.R.  founded REMARK in fall of 2007 as a Landscape Architectural Studio focused on sustainable design by collaborating closely with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors to achieve successful design solutions for their projects.
Alex Pappas’s interest in botany started with his and Ann’s collecting of 19th century botanical plate books.  With Alex’s and Ann’s return to Charleston after an absence of several decades, they both joined the Charleston Horticultural Society to learn more about gardening in general by taking CHS Hort workshops and tours which led to becoming a Garden Docent.  The friendships made over the past few years have wonderful.  Alex spent his career as an academic pathologist first at MUSC and then at University of Arkansas Medical School (UAMS). Alex “retired” as a full professor and enjoys teaching and learning.  In addition to being on the CHS Hort Board, Alex is currently serving on the MUSC Arboretum Board and the South Carolina Historical Society Board.

Cameron Rickett has been an ISA Certified Arborist with Bartlett Tree Experts over 11 years working in Charleston, SC where he has spent time as a Climber, Plant Health Care Specialist, and Arborist Representative. He has done extensive work involving tree structural support systems, insect and disease management in woody plants, and developing soil care programs for trees and shrubs of the landscape. He sits on the Advisory Committee for Trident Technical College’s Horticulture Department, where he did his study in Horticulture, and is an active member in Trees SC, South Carolina’s state tree organization. He enjoys spending time with his wife Bryna and his children Graham and Claire.